What a New Baker Needs to Know About Ovens

Experienced bakers understand the difference in ovens that bring about quality confectionaries. You may have gone through all the certifications and courses to become a baker. You are now thrown in the market to start your own baking business.

You were used to the oven in school, which, of course, is commercial based. You need to have your own for your new home use. An oven is in the top-list of a new baker. Wait a minute; do you know what it takes to have a good oven?

You have two options. First is to opt for a home-made oven, which is a smart choice for it is designed to suit your baking needs. Secondly, you can get a modern oven from renowned manufacturers made from precision cuts using plasma cutters.

What are some of the factors to consider when choosing an oven?

  • The size of the oven- can it support dual cooking?
  • The source of energy- electric power or gas-powered or wood oven?
  • The warm options- How long does it take for the accumulated heat to go away?
  • Do you want to use it for- commercial baking or just home baking?
  • The mode of operation- manual or automated oven features?

Let’s go straight to the point and look at the specific features you need to look at when purchasing an oven.

  1. Automated functions

You are a beginner. You may not understand the fine details involved in making cakes and pastries. Don’t you think it is ideal to have automated oven functions to make your work easier? Some of the automated functions include

  • Temperature control
  • Lighting build to check on the progress
  • An automated timer
  • A switch on/off knob after the timer goes off
  • Pre heat options
  1. The oven volume

Once you close the oven, the entire oven compartment is heated. Some ovens support several recipes at the same time. There is no need to waste energy when you can use one oven for cooking several recipes at the same time.

 This goes hand in hand with the oven size. In case you are looking for a commercial oven, communicate with the seller to avoid disappointments.

When you are an aspiring commercial baker, invest in a big oven to cushion you from double costs when you eventually need to upgrade. However, when you are working on a tight budget, you would rather purchase a small one and upgrade when you can afford a commercial oven.

  1. Availability of source of energy

Whichever the form of energy, you need to check on an oven that can use both of them. Most of the ovens have gas and electric options for all, if not specific functions. This is a good feature to consider.

Ask yourself, what happens when you run out of gas, or is there power blackout in the middle of baking? You quickly switch to electricity or gas whichever is available without worrying about the outcome of the product.

As if that is not enough, also make sure that they are sources of energy that are not just readily available but also affordable. Take note, and there is also the wood oven that was there since time immemorial.

  1. Service parts

These are appliances prone to wear and tear. Once a specific brand of the oven is available in your area, then access to service parts is inevitable. Do not assume some companies could be on a disposal market plan.

 Make sure you have an idea of where to get spare parts for your ovens. Better still, the seller should give you a warranty which shows the duration and the type of service you offer.

  1. Oven design

Bakers are known for class and fashionable stuff. After all, this is what dictates their end-products. You are in a free world; look for an oven that suits your color and design. If possible, let it go with your kitchen color theme to enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

  1. Easy and efficient in handling

Do not forget you are a beginner in the industry. Go for an oven with simple instructions rather than a complex oven, which is hard and complicated when it comes to operation.

  1. Safety locks

Most of the time, you need this oven for your home use; in case you have toddlers, you may not have control of what they do or touch in the kitchen. If this is the case, then it is important to look for an oven with automated lockable options to prevent accidents in the kitchen as well as unauthorized access.

Joanna N. Sullivan

Hello Friends! My Name is Joanna N. Sullivan I am a baker and a recipe writer. I Love to Travel, and passionate about baking pastries had completely captured my heart. Join me here and as I feature all my favorite recipes covering the top and popular cakes and cookies of all time.

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