Baking: 7 Cost-Saving Baking Hacks to Try at Home

You don’t need to buy everything to make baking fun. Why waste money when you have cheap options? A few hacks come in handy to save that extra coin. Baking is a vast industry with hundreds of ingredients and utensils.

Lack of any of them doesn’t mean baking stops, equip your kitchen with a few cost-saving hacks, and enjoy the art of pastry making.

You agree with me that when home alone baking pastries, the work is tiresome. For example, after preparing the dough, your sink is full of utensils, washing them is an uphill task.

dishwasher -friendly to everyone in the family is ideal. As your cake cooks in the gas grill, your dishes are also automatically cleaned. Something else, a grill mat is a must-have appliance to prevent any cake spills to the oven, which will give you a hard time to clean.

Plus, it taps all the sweet juices from the grilled meats maintaining their sweet aroma.

Hack 1: Use warm water to bring your eggs to room temperature

Eggs are a crucial ingredient in most baking recipes. Imagine when you are in the middle of cake preparation and notice that your eggs are still refrigerated. Do you throw your dough or wait for the eggs to cool?

 This hack is essential; just warm some water for 5 minutes, dip your eggs in them and let them stay for a few minutes. Remove them; you have your eggs and room temperature for use. Is that not a simple way?

Hack 2: Soften brown sugar by placing bread on it

Brown sugar hardens when exposed to air. It’s its chemical nature. It’s difficult to work with hardened sugar in making cake dough or even any pastry.

There is no option of using white sugar instead. That should be an issue, just put some slices of bread on the brown sugar bowl. Wait and see the magic. The hardened sugar will now be past tense.

Hack 3: Melt your butter in a microwave

What does your recipe say? Use melted butter. Do you go to the stores to buy one, or is there a way you can melt the solid one? I doubt if there is any store you get melted butter. You wonder what the best way of doing it at home.

Make use of your microwave. Take the butter, place in a bowl, and set your microwave to moderate temperature, continue with making your recipe. That’s it, within minutes you have your melted butter with all the nutritive value intact, ready for use in the dough.

Hack 4: Replace the rolling pin with a wine bottle

How many times do you use your rolling pin at home? Chances are you have no idea of the storage location.

What options do you have? Can you see your wine bottle within reach? Do you know it’s a replacement for a rolling pin? The big question should now be on how to remove the label, that’s easy, dip it in water and wait for the paper to come out by itself. You have a bigger and better rolling pin option than the normal wooden one.

Hack 5: Use a soda can to make cake cutter in different sizes

When trying different recipes for your family, you may need a change not necessarily on the content but on the shape of different pastries you are using. What if you only have one shape?

The possibility of lacking a soda can at home is minimal. Use that to cut the shapes and sizes of what you need.

It’s a permanent solution to cake and cookie cutters. Have you not saved a few coins? Use that to buy other baking accessories that you can’t improvise at home.

Hack 6: Ripe your banana in an oven

You just thought you have ripe bananas at home. On looking at them, they are only edible but not ripe enough for a banana cake recipe. Don’t shutter your appetite of banana bread; just take the banana and place them on the oven at a temperature of 300F.

Once they peel turn to black color, they are now “ripe” for the recipe. Continue with making the recipe and enjoy your cake.

Hack 7: Save time and money by using cake mix flour

Baking is an art; a simple mistake in the quantity of the recipe means a flopped cake. Some characteristics of a flopped cake include:

  • Cracking at the top
  • Failure to rise
  • A dense cake
  • Lack of moisture in the cake
  • Over risen cake with a hole in the middle
  • Breaking cake among others

All these are not a matter of the failure of the oven, but it’s in the quantity of the recipe. The ingredients may be too many for you.

 As a beginner, save you all that stress. Get cake mix flour and the liquid, either water or milk, depending on instructions and just bake. Enjoy your cake. There is no harm in trying your hands in baking.

Use these simple hacks to save time and money, for they come in handy to replace essential kitchen appliances and ingredients that may shatter your dream in eating a homemade pastry.

Joanna N. Sullivan

Hello Friends! My Name is Joanna N. Sullivan I am a baker and a recipe writer. I Love to Travel, and passionate about baking pastries had completely captured my heart. Join me here and as I feature all my favorite recipes covering the top and popular cakes and cookies of all time.

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