About Joanna N. Sullivan

Joanna N. Sullivan

Our Writer & Baker

Joanna N Sullivan is a baker and a recipe writer. If she’s not reading cookbooks or browsing baking blogs, you’ll find Sullivan in her kitchen trying out new recipes and recreating old ones. She’s always looking to learn new hacks and tricks to add to her inspiring blog.

After realizing there’s a gap in the taste, shape and creativity of freshly baked cakes, biscuits and sweets, she decided to learn how to bake to fill this gap. She’s been learning and providing authentic baking information to her audience through this blog and cookbooks to bridge the gap.

Sullivan has been featured on many successful YouTube videos and authored winning pieces for many top magazines in the U.S, including websites with the high readership. She does more than just create content to guide people on how to bake tasty and Instagramable foods.

Our founder has also voiced her opinion on many different platforms about serious issues that affect the baking industry. Besides other blogs and cookbooks, the inspiration behind her recipes comes from foods in season, magazines, restaurants, friends, and family.

The hungry and self-taught home baker recreates most of existing recipes that inspire her into developing unique ones with a touch of her personality. Usually, the recreation process involves baking without following existing instructions and using different ingredients to create a new and fresh recipe.

After Sullivan comes up with a new recipe, she tests it at least twice to ensure that it works and the results are consistent.
Sullivan is a passionate home baker that loves sharing her treats with friends and loved ones. She’s taken her passion for baking a notch higher by starting this blog. She shares tips and tricks with her online audience, the goal is making them better bakers.

She adopts easy hacks on making delicious, authentic techniques for preparing tasty and instagramable designs for cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and other desserts. Our blog publishes recipes for preparing anything from cookies to bread to cakes. We also feature Sunday brunch meals.