8 Essential Skills Every Baker Should Possess

Apart from just the formal education you get from the pastry classes, there are other unwritten rules that you need to follow as a baker. You understand baking is more of a science than art, as much as there is a thin line between the two. It is not a skill that you chest-thumb that you are perfect.

Every baking session is a learning opportunity just after you graduate from the pastry lessons, and you also need to have the following personality traits to perfect your baking skills.

1. Near perfect organization skills

Time is of the essence in baking. Once you start the process, it should run smoothly to the end. You need to organize your kitchen, ingredients, and also the recipe to come up with the best cakes.

You should have everything in place rather than running up and down, putting things together while in the baking process. Your cakes will flop. Organize yourself in preparation for the task ahead. Weigh all ingredients and make sure you have everything within reach.

You have no option but to be a good organizer if you want to move your baking skills to the next level.

2. Keen on details

Science and art are all about details. Baking is one cooking method with no trial and error. You have to have the correct measurements with the right oven conditions-temperature and preheat conditions- to crack the recipe.

When trying a new recipe, you should notice when you have gone wrong based on the thickness of the dough while the pastry is in the oven you need to take note of the cake rising from the oven glass window.

 Just by a glance after 20 minutes of baking, you need to know whether you are on the right track or not. Baking is compared to shooting using a gun; your unbeatable performance is gauged by excellent security services you offer in the line of duty.

3. High level of creativity

You have a customer- soldier- who has just graduated from the military school. He needs a cake to grace his occasion. He has no idea what he needs, but all he wants is a customized cake. You have to be creative and unique.

What are some of the relevant cake designs you will use to give the customer value for their money? Use the knowledge from the baking school as a stepping stone, but you need to widen your knowledge in handling pastries to create unique cake designs.

Take note, and this is a challenge in that you will get more or fewer orders depending on the perfection of your work. Your creativity here is the customer’s needs as well as baking needs you need to consider.

Moreover, he could give you other details as in, less sugar, yet you know this is necessary as a raising agent. You have to think of alternatives to still give your customers the best.

4. Dedication and patience

The renowned bakers you see globally have gone through a rough time in the journey. It is dedication and patience that maintains the name- professional baker. Some of the ingredients need up to six hours, if not overnight, to get the best rising level.

 If you are in a hurry and you use the dough before, then you will not get the difference. Not all times, you will get the best cakes. As a baker, you have to prepare for eventualities.

You may start baking, and the gas runs out, or there is a power blackout, you have no option but to discard the long-awaited cake outcome and just start afresh.

5. Ability to work under pressure

It is a common scenario to follow a recipe to the latter, but along the way, things are not going in order. The cake is half baked, yet the top part is burning. You just need to stay calm and compose yourself.

 Try a remedy you were taught in school to save the situation. You can also get a customer with an urgent order, yet the order needs a lot of creativity and time to get the best. Leaving the order is out of the question, you have to work extra hours just to deliver the cake.

You never know that this could be the beginning of your high-end orders.

6. Good communication skills

How do you communicate with your professional bakers or customers –whether satisfied or not? Your communication skills determine the success of your baking business. Even in your baking space, you need to be polite and firm when asking for a helping hand.

 When you are not able to deliver the cake on time, how do you relay the information to the customer to the point that he understands without getting agitated? At times, you may make a good cake, but that is not what the customer ordered; probably a communication breakdown occurred somewhere along the way. Your communication skill is your savior at this time.

7. Curiosity

When you see a cake design from social media platforms, does it come to your mind on how the baker made it successful? This is what curiosity should do to you. Have the urge to know how things are done. Never just be in your cocoon with no room for learning.

8. Good planner

One mistake you should never do as a baker is to do things quickly against time. If that is the case, then just know that you are a poor planner. The ingredients that you know are must-have in cake making have them ready during your free time.

Understand your recipe, put everything you need to hasten the cake preparation process.

Completing the pastry classes with excellent grades is not a guarantee that you will be successful in the baking streets.

Your personality plays a significant role in managing all the operations involved in this industry. Run a self-evaluation on the essential skills mentioned. Assess areas you wish to improve on; within no time, you will get the tag- well-sought-after professional baker.

Joanna N. Sullivan

Hello Friends! My Name is Joanna N. Sullivan I am a baker and a recipe writer. I Love to Travel, and passionate about baking pastries had completely captured my heart. Join me here and as I feature all my favorite recipes covering the top and popular cakes and cookies of all time.

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